• Sen. Tuberville hopes higher court overturns judge's decision on guns & illegals
  • Governor Ivey signs anti-ballot trafficking bill into state law
  • HR 158, a ban on state mask mandates has passed out of Health committee
  • 2 bills passed health committee in senate re: appointment of state health officer
  • Filed bill removes economic incentives from businesses & unionization
  • Prichard water works getting upgrades from ADEM & court appointed receiver


  • Biden issues regulations to phase out all gas powered engines by 2023
  • Tony Bobulinski railed against all Bidens at the House Oversight committee
  • ALF details new evidence on deep state efforts to censor Americans
  • Charges dropped against Gold Star father who heckled Biden during speech
  • GA judge approves the appeal of his decision re: Fulton county DA Willis
  • A fourth complaint of plagiarism is filed at Harvard against a professor

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