• Congressman Jerry Carl presents Purple Heart award to Bucks native Robert Andry
  • A judge pushes back after Mobile city leadership blames crime on judiciary backlog
  • Fort Rucker flight surgeon testifies in federal court that vaccines are hurting military
  • Birmingham mayor announces dismissal of outstanding traffic fines from 2011 onward
  • Montgomery Zoo will put new baby pygmy hippopotamus on public display this week


  • KY senator Rand Paul reminds White House that Congress must debate any war action
  • WH Press secretary tests positive for Covid 19 for 2nd time, barring her from travel
  • Senate judiciary committee now starting questioning of SCOTUS nominee
  • FL governor declares female swimmer the champ of NCAA, not transgender swimmer
  • Electric cars may become even more pricey with the lack of lithium supply
  • Stormy Daniels loses in a federal appeal court and is told to pay back Donald Trump
  • Trump's Save America PAC had a healthy financial February compared to other PACS

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