• AL Supreme Court authorizes another execution of a death row inmate
  • The state of AL launches new website to inform victims of crime re: offender
  • A bill requiring parental consent for a minor's vaccination heads to full AL House
  • Carlee Russell to pay fine, avoid jail time in abduction hoax in Hoover last year
  • Sen. Tuberville gets Commerce Dept to not lift tariffs on Vietnam catfish imports
  • Sen. Tuberville also votes for resolution that halts beef imports from Paraguay


  • Illegals at TX border brawl with National Guardsmen to get through
  • House Speaker wants Israel Prime Minister to speak at Joint Session of Congress
  • House Conservatives are livid at Speaker for latest $1.2 trillion spending bill
  • NY AG makes moves to seize Trump's NY golf course due to bond failure
  • Federal judge in TN rules that Nashville school shooter manifesto be released
  • Father of Laken Riley delivers heartbroken message to GA state senate

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