• Runoff races for April 16th have voter registration deadline of April 1st
  • SoS Wes Allen warns of mailers from out of state groups re: voter registration
  • An amendment is in the works to address transgenders, children and state money
  • Agricultural lawyers sues Joe Biden for not filling 2 seats with US Farm Credit
  • Both US Senators sign resolution condemning Nicaragua for arrest of pastors


  • Oral arguments held today at SCOTUS re: abortion drug and the FDA
  • Israel cancels visit to US over resolution offered by UN Security Council
  • Truth Social now on Nasdaq Stock Exchange
  • Trump gets bond judgement reduced by court to 175 million to pay in April
  • Dem Strategist uses word "wetworks" re: Trump-will a media bloodbath ensue?
  • Governor of Wyoming signs bill that prohibits transgender surgery for minors

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