• Governor's candidate forum to be held this Thursday at Hoover library
  • Becky Gerritson of Eagle Forum says Numeracy Act still uses Common Core
  • 5 year old Phenix City murder victim was sex trafficked by mother
  • Breeze Airlines to add non-stop flights to Las Vegas from Huntsville
  • American Idol contestant wins over Tuskegee native Lionel Ritchie and others


  • Joe Bide bans Russian oil imports to US, Putin places ban on exports too
  • Ukraine president willing to talk conditions for cease fire with Russia
  • Would be 911 hijacker is released from Guatanomo Bay sent to Saudi Arabia
  • 3 dozen active duty servicemen file federal lawsuit against vaccine mandate
  • Special counsel investigator in Wisconsin reveals bribery in 2020 election
  • US Freedom convoy livestream video of morning prayers by organizers

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