• Sen. Tuberville demands an impeachment trial of DHS Sec. go forward not tabled
  • SoS Wes Allen says failure to meet deadline could take Biden off Nov. ballot
  • State lawmaker foresees no passage of gambling legislation this year
  • AL House bill expands the state auditors power to recover lost or stolen property
  • Post election audit bill has passed full AL House and moves to Senate
  • Former Golden Flakes facility in Birmingham purchased for $6M


  • Gas prices are up by 50% since Joe Biden took office
  • Appeals court refuses to delay Hush money trial against Trump in NYC
  • GA co defendant with Trump say DA Willis broke law and is racist
  • GA congresswoman details betrayal of GOP by House Speaker Johnson
  • Washington judge rules gun magazine ban in state is unconstitutional
  • NM prosecutors accuse actor Alex Baldwin of bullying on set, leading to death

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