• Sen. Tuberville takes on for calling illegal alien crime reports- "political"
  • The Laken Riley Act is paused while amendment details are hammered out
  • The AL senate passes bill to change way in which state health officer is chosen
  • Pastor rips into Hoover Board of ED at meeting over obscene book
  • Lt. Col. Sean Smith's pre-eminent qualifications for questioning election machines


  • 19 GOP House members shut down bill to reauthorize FISA program
  • KY congressman reveals special "notifications" for members of Congress
  • 18 total states launched 2 lawsuits against Biden for loan forgiveness plan
  • FL woman to spend 1 month in jail for selling Ashley Biden's diary
  • Donald Trump makes surprise visit to Chik-Fil-a in Atlanta GA
  • KY senator reveals more about the Covid 19 gain of function efforts by US

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