• GOP delegates for AL call on prayer and support for Israel following Iran's attack
  • Jewish synagogues in AL are on high alert but still continuing services
  • Mobile police chief speaks at support rally saying his plan is to retire
  • New training facility for aviators now open at Fort Novosel
  • Part 3 of Sean Smith exposing the massive vulnerabilities in voting machines


  • Joe Biden does not support retaliation efforts by Israel against Iran
  • FL Sen. says Biden's comments are political to appease his anti-semitic base
  • KY Sen. Rand Paul says House Speaker did wrong to 4th amendment
  • US Rep. Bob Good says House Speaker was railroaded by Deep State
  • RFK Jr. will not be joining Libertarian Party ballot for November elections
  • Trump holds a massive rally in PA on Saturday
  • 3 whistleblowers to testify in House committee re: J6 and National Guard
  • Brazilian MMA fighter invokes capitalism & Ludwig Von Mises in victory speech

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