• State lawmaker representing Dadeville speaks out about tragic shooting
  • AL congresswoman calls for investigation of AL train derailments
  • AL congressman says incompetence in Biden admin is destroying the US
  • Prichard water works warns of sewage overflow due to recent rains
  • Coley McCraney trial underway in Dothan, 100 jurors out of 300 showed up
  • Jury selection Mason Sisk trial involves one man charged with contempt


  • FBI make arrests in NYC connected to China run police station there
  • The House Judiciary committee is in NYC for field hearing with residents
  • House Freedom caucus questions State dept on US soldiers in Ukraine
  • Biden back from Ireland, calls a lid on Monday to any public appearances
  • TN senator and governor endorse Donald Trump's 2024 presidential bid
  • Hotline in Germany for vaccine injuries has meltdown of callers on first day

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