• Sen. Britt endorses runoff winner Caroleen Dobson in District 2 race
  • Bills to change certification deadline for Nov. ballot names pass committees
  • The Laken Riley Act is delayed for second time as details are fine tuned
  • Gambling legislation now in conference committee for AL House and Senate
  • Post election audit bill passes committee on Wednesday
  • Part 6 of Sean Smith's expose on election vote tabulator vulnerabilities


  • In past 6 months over 24K Chinese Nations caught crossing illegally into US
  • Senate Democrats kill the impeachment trial of DHS secretary Mayorkas
  • NYC case against Trump is now impeding SC Jack Smith's trial in FL against Trump
  • Donald Trump campaigns in NYC while attending his trial from Alvin Bragg
  • House Oversight offers final subpeona to DOJ for Biden transcripts
  • ESPN Stephen Smith scolds Democrats while Sean Smith of the Federalist blasts GOP

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