• More details emerge re: Dadevill shooting as suspects appear in court
  • ALGOP conducts a poll of voters re: the PRICE act, majority want bill to pass
  • A bill to raise the age of consent to medical treatment is filed in AL senate
  • Mason Sisk trial continues in Huntsville, Coley McCraney case ends in Dothan
  • 2 million dollar settlement is reached between DOJ & Mobile Sheriff's office
  • New regional HQ for US Army Corp of Engineers coming to Mobile
  • Moore and Tuberville make it to top of list for conservative voting record


  • Joe Biden releases produced video announcing his run in 2024
  • Donald Trump reacts to Biden's announcement
  • Former WH Physician Ronny Jackson demands cognitive test of Biden
  • CA governor supports Biden, sidelines his own presidential ambition
  • Rasmussen reports that a third of Democrats are likely to vote 3rd party
  • House Judiciary subpoenas FBI official over whistleblower retaliation
  • Portion of speech from Tucker Carlson on weekend before Fox firing

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