• Sponsor of the PRICE act says committee chairman using delay tactic
  • Sen. Tuberville unmoved by Liz Warren's demand he stop blocking nominees
  • Two state leaders head to US Mexico border next week
  • A bill to deal with financial shortfall from end of permit fees passes House
  • Dothan jury finds Coley McCraney guilty of four counts including murder
  • Man released early from prison now back behind bars for rape and violence


  • Second American dies in Sudan amidst civil unrest and violence
  • Bio Labs in Sudan fall into hands of militants, labs funded by US agencies
  • Sixth circuit court rules that bump stocks are not machine gun part
  • Judge order Hunter Biden to court in person re: child support payments
  • Disney files lawsuit against FL governor and state for retaliation
  • MI Democrat sentenced to 6mos house arrest for ballot tampering

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