• 2024 tornado season in AL results in far less twisters than last year
  • A bill heads to governor's desk that cracks down on squatters in homes/rentals
  • AL House passes bill requiring consent from next of kin on autopsy organ removal
  • Christians in Fairhope plans prayer walks in May ahead of June's PRIDE month
  • Elon Musk applies for money transmitter license here in the state
  • Rev. Rich Lusk talks about failure of church to train leaders in political arena


  • Midwesterners recover from onslaught of tornadoes over weekend in 6+ states
  • Police start removing pro-Hamas protestors camping on college campuses
  • CA Pastor calls for Christians to stop being silent and inactive re: cultural jihad
  • GOP congressman from FL abruptly ends 2024 re-election campaign
  • Trump gaining ground in NYC as he shows up daily for Manhattan trial
  • Unredacted docs in FL case against Trump show more deep state collusion
  • TN governor signs bill that allows teachers to conceal carry after training

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