• AG Marshall posts op-ed against the legislative rewrite of ethics laws
  • AG Marshall files a brief re: Hawaii Supreme Court and major oil companies
  • AL PAC alerts black churches of Biden's push on Easter for Transgender visibility
  • Amendment bill passes committee to consolidate licensing boards in state
  • Governor Ivey's lawyer responds to lawsuit over racial quotas on real estate board
  • First meeting today in Montgomery of task force considering Artificial Intelligence
  • 21 truckloads of hay arrived in TX from AL to help cattlemen affected by wildfires


  • Federal judge in KY rules against new highway emissions rule from DOT
  • LA senate passes declaration of sovereignty against Global elite organizations
  • Oregon governor signs bill to re-criminalize hard drugs in that state
  • Bond was paid in cash by Donald Trump in NY fraud case that he is appealing
  • Kash Patel says gag order in other Trump case is violating his free speech rights

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