• A bill to solidify visitation rights at medical centers passes House committee
  • 2 election bills pass the Alabama senate with unanimous votes
  • ALGOP chairman John Wahl writes about Donald Trump indictment
  • AG Marshall joins 21 AGs warning financial entities to not push ESG
  • A big drug bust in Florence yields 60 thousand fentanyl pills
  • Toyota of Alabama to create solar panel farm to offset energy in Huntsville


  • Legal analysts rip apart indictment papers for Trump from DA Alvin Bragg
  • Supreme Court race in WI gives majority vote to far left liberals
  • NC state senator switches parties, gives Republicans super majority vote
  • Cash app founder, Bob Lee, stabbed to death in San Francisco
  • Mother in ME sues school counselor for helping daughter "transition"
  • Classified docs in Biden's unlocked office closet for years since VP
  • Nashville officer hold press conference on school shooter takedown

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