• AL House passes bill that bans transgender procedures performed on minors
  • AL Senate passes bill for K-12 students to use bathrooms according to gender at birth
  • Matt Clark with ACLL weighs in on Jefferson County schools and football prayers
  • 2 AL men are arrested by Panama City police for inciting violence back in March
  • A traffic stop leads to a chase and then to a big drug bust in Jacksonville
  • A federal judge in Birmingham announces retirement after 12 years on the bench


  • US Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to US Supreme Court
  • Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tests positive for Covid-19
  • TX Governor to beef up border security including buses of illegals sent to DC
  • Hunter Biden laptop reveals letter of recommendations from Joe Biden
  • HHS secretary Xavier Becerra reveals agency funds transgender surgeries for minors
  • United Nations votes in favor of removing Russia from UN Human Rights Council

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