• Dale Strong presents evidence for Senate to consider re: DHS Sec. Mayorkas
  • 2 bills within AL legislature address sexually explicit books and public libraries
  • AL House passes bill to stop the rash of "squatters" from entering state
  • Former Dothan pastor charged with stealing money from the church
  • The traveling Vietnam Memorial wall is coming to Baldwin County in May
  • Krispy Kreme offering limited edition "Eclipse" doughnuts


  • Israel Defense Forces temporarily leave Gaza Strip for recuperation
  • Trump Campaign pulls in $50M from fundraiser, doubling Biden's haul of $25M
  • RNC says March brought in new leadership and $65M in donations
  • GA defendant says DA Willis must recuse due to illegal recording of phone call
  • FAA looking into Boeing out of Denver losing engine cowling during takeoff
  • Grant Stinchfield raises questions about Baltimore Bridge collapse

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