• Sen. Britt rips into US Sec of Ed for not reigning in college campus protests
  • Governor Ivey signs bill that prosecutes child pornography created with AI
  • Paul Prine is voted out as police chief on Tuesday by city council
  • Community members at Decatur city council meeting threaten more protests
  • AL House is poised to pass bill regarding deadline for names on November ballot
  • Tristan Harper of AL makes it to the Top 7 on American Idol 2024 season


  • 4 police officers shot and killed in NC by suspect being served with felony warrant
  • AZ prosecutors drop charges against elderly rancher accuse of killing illegal alien
  • OK man says going to get hot dogs at gas station saved him from killer tornado
  • NYC judge fines Trump $9K for 9 posts made that violate gag order
  • TX AG Ken Paxton was in NYC to support Trump during this trial
  • Poll shows independent voters lean to Trump in all the law fare cases against him
  • Dem leaders in House will vote to keep Speaker Johnson in motion to vacate
  • State lawmaker in SC says illegals are being given voter registration papers

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