• Governor Ivey sets Sept 26 as date for next execution by nitrogen hypoxia in AL
  • AL Senate kills a post-election audit bill offered by State Rep. Debbie Wood
  • Governor Ivey signs into law a ban on lab grown meat in any capacity in AL
  • AL Senate passes bill to enhance penalties for hoax crimes called in to police
  • Sen. Britt says its a sad day that Boy Scouts are changing name
  • The Alabama Teacher of the Year - Deborah Stringfellow of Elmore county


  • WH Intel Coordinator to Joe Biden has history of pro- Hamas actions
  • Trump calls on Jewish Americans to stop voting for Biden as he abandons Israel
  • 3rd Circuit court allows for federal gun case against Hunter Biden to proceed
  • Independent candidate RFK Jr. reveals game changing stance on abortion
  • TX AG seeks to shut down Non-profit assisting/covering up illegals in that state
  • Boeing has 3 technical accidents on planes in past 2 days, no injuries
  • CA jury awards $1M to 2 teens expelled for "blackface" that was acne mask

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