• Pro-life groups in Montgomery tell 1819 news of mistreatment at protests
  • American Family Association criticizes Katie Britt for certain donation source
  • Baldwin County to gain an aluminum plant with 1 thousand jobs
  • 6 people charged in a contraband ring at Calhoun county jail
  • Full Blood moon Lunar eclipse will be visible in Alabama this Sunday


  • Senator Manchin joins GOP in voting down abortion legislation from Democrats
  • VA governor requests police perimeter around 3 SCOTUS Justices' home
  • Pro-abortion groups claims responsibility for firebombing Wisconsin pro-life office
  • Consumer price index is at 8.6 percent compared to last year
  • Federal judge dismisses lawsuit challenging state law on Disney's tax exemption
  • House GOP members craft bill to disband the Disinformation Governance Board

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