• Both US Senators for AL want answers from Mexico re: 2022 Vulcan company raid
  • Dems in AL House bemoan gambling bill failure for this 2024 session
  • State senator Orr says gambling push derailed other good bills from a vote
  • State lawmaker hit by drunk driver after state legislative session ends
  • Final transaction on 5/23 places Beach Express Bridge in ALDOT's hands
  • NWS says a total of 9 twisters hit TN Valley last week


  • Biden admin seeking multiple ways to keep Israel from invading city of Rafah
  • Ashley Biden's letter confirming diary is real now published by NY Times
  • Trump holds massive rally in blue state NJ with over 80K attending
  • NYC judge under investigation re: convo held before ruling against Trump
  • SC about to join other red states in banning transgender surgeries for minors

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