• AG Steve Marshall says a Springville man gets 60 years in prison for sex abuse of child
  • A home invasion in Frisco City puts husband in hospital after 2 men invade at 2am
  • The SBC convention continues its national conference in CA for 4th day
  • A man suing the city of Birmingham over pothole damage to his car will not give up case
  • Birmingham Chef Adam Evans receives the Prestigious James Beard Award for 2022


  • US House passes Senate bill providing 24 hr protection to SCOTUS justices and family
  • 23 pro life clinics firebombed or vandalized since leaked SCOTUS draft opinion
  • President Joe Biden takes issue with Republicans saying he's a reckless spender
  • Audio is released of Hunter Biden bargain about how Joe Biden will do what he says
  • The Wisconsin Association of School boards breaks from national organization

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