• Governor Ivey signs bill that claws back incentives to company's re: unions
  • Governor Ivey signs bill that prohibits tracking of firearm & ammunition sales
  • State lawmaker says fellow Democrat worked to derail her Juneteenth bill
  • State auditor and Eagle Scout calls on values to be returned to Boy Scouts


  • Judicial Watch finds docs on how illegals are being registered to vote in DC
  • Biden announces tariffs on EVs from China, GOP call it election year ploy
  • Tik Tok creators now suing in federal court over law that divests or bans the app
  • Trump says hype around Covid or Bird Flu is not going to work this time around
  • Paralegal admits on witness stand that some recordings of Trump were deleted
  • NC Chapel Hill board votes to divert entire budget for DEI to Public safety
  • KC Chief Kicker Harrison Butker speaks at commencement for Catholic college

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