• AG Marshall joins 17 other states in suing EEOC over new rules re: pronouns
  • AL lawyer Caroleen Dobson weighs in on Trump trial and DOJ weaponization
  • Cullman Sheriff says Biden allowing states to be invaded by violent illegal men
  • Meat processing plant in Jasper accused of working minors by Dept of Labor
  • State property surplus auction to be held online this weekend


  • House Judiciary votes to pursue "contempt of congress" for US AG Garland
  • US House passes bill that rebukes Biden for delay of aid to Israel's conflict
  • GOP congress members spent time in NYC to support Trump during trial
  • CO woman now famous for taking down "peeping tom" in unisex dressing room
  • NFL Kicker gets doxxed after pro masculinity commencement speech in KS
  • Undecided primary voters in Democratic Party now a movement to diss Biden
  • Parody song for Biden released by comedian Jimmy Faila

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