• Sen. Tuberville says he will support a future President Trump as senator not VP
  • Governor Ivey signs documents ahead of completed sale of Beach Express bridge
  • AG Marshall files motion to dismiss in lawsuit against new election law
  • Congressman Moore says no funds or programs halting at Fort Novosel
  • RFK Jr. interview in 2018 reveals what he REALLY thinks about Alabama


  • GOP senators aim to block the immigration bill supported by Chuck Schumer
  • Docs shows approval of lethal force in Mar Lago raid, has AFLF President enraged
  • Trump attorney Mike Davis says the raid was really about Crossfire Hurricane
  • Two civil rights groups sue Harvard University for growing antisemitism
  • Fashion Model files lawsuit against Sean Combs alleging sexual assault
  • FL Sheriff taking on pedophiles in big sting operations in Jacksonsville
  • "Death to America" was leading hymn in Iranian president's funeral

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