• Congressman Moore co-sponsors bill addressing the gag order on Trump
  • Bill from US senator Tuberville re: Poison Control Centers passes committee
  • Governor Ivey joins 23 GOP governors in opposition to WHO Pandemic Treaty
  • State lawmaker to re offer bill that prohibits gender ideology in public schools
  • Office of DEI at Jacksonville State University to close according to state law
  • Cross country operation in Etowah County puts 85 people in jail re: drugs


  • 6 tons of meth found at border entry point hidden in truckload of squash
  • FL Senator to vie for Senate Republican leadership once McConnell leaves
  • Documentary footage shows WH economic advisor ignorant of national finance
  • FL reporter witnesses implosion in court of Jack Smith case against Trump
  • Kaiser Permanente offers to rehire the fired over forced C19 vaccine
  • FEC chairwoman offers rule on use of AI in creating political ads

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