• National Day of Prayer observed at the Alabama House
  • A possible second vote on gambling bill would only happen sometime next week
  • Senate committee passes bill that allows illegal aliens to attend college in AL
  • Another senate committee approves bill to address library books & minors
  • A burn ban is in place involving 12 counties to mitigate air quality during summer


  • UCLA has its Pro-Hamas encampment busted up by police, leaving behind a wreck
  • NYC officials tell what they found inside Hamilton Hall by Pro-Hamas agitators
  • UNC Fraternity has fundraiser total of $500K for pro-America "rager"
  • Appeals court upholds PA state law to further regulate mail in ballots
  • NY judge considers further fines for Trump for another 2 comments made
  • 35 US Senators call on Biden to drop his new plan to bring in Gaza refugees
  • A 2nd whistleblower dies who spoke of negligence in Boeing supply chain

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