• Death row inmate Jamie Ray Mills died by lethal injection in a state execution
  • Sen. Britt says trial/conviction against Trump sets a very dangerous precedent
  • AG Marshall call Trump guilty verdict a hoax that Americans can see through
  • Dept. of Labor is asking federal judge to act re: child labor at 2 AL companies
  • A group calls union president an "election denier" for not accepting AL results
  • Christians in Fairhope plan Saturday event to counter Pride Festival's message


  • DA Alvin Bragg brags on NY jury for following "facts" to convict Trump
  • Trump posts campaign ad after verdict pledging to destroy deep state
  • RFK Jr. says Democratic law fare strategy against Trump will backfire in November
  • Chief Justice Roberts refuses to meet with Dems over Alito "flag flap"
  • SCOTUS rules that NY government violated 1A rights of the NRA
  • GA election board member sues director for thwarting oath in Fulton county
  • House Coronavirus committee seeks Tony Fauci's back door communications

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