• Tuberville warns that bill passed in House is not a proponent of free speech
  • 3 days remain in AL legislature with some bills getting final push for passage
  • New AL law starts Oct 1 requiring age verification on pornographic websites
  • ALCAP President believes state lawmakers displeased by Hindu prayer


  • Israel Prime minister not yielding to cease fire calls from Joe Biden re: Rafah
  • Dems in Congress show support for keeping Johnson as Speaker of the House
  • FL congressman Matt Gaetz calls out Biden's inaction re: US troops in Niger
  • House committee to investigate large donations made to US Chamber
  • NY judge threatens Trump with jail time for latest Truth Social posts
  • 13 federal judges pledge to not hire law clerks from Columbia after protests
  • Election official in WI resigns who was part of highly suspicious activity in 2020

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