• AL's Parent's Right To Know Act goes into effect this month in public schools
  • Conservation group finds water samples with E. coli near Phenix City
  • Parental group in Madison is targeted by DOJ as hate group akin to KKK
  • FBI now involved in triple homicide in Montgomery at Hispanic business
  • Insurance negotiations failed between United Healthcare and Infirmary Health
  • Criminal trial date is reset for 9/16 for ALDOT director John Cooper


  • RNC posts disturbing video montage of Biden in Normandy, utterly lost
  • Federal judge gives 4 months prison sentence to Trump advisor Steve Bannon
  • House subcommittee wants docs re: false testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson
  • Rapper Sean Combs sells off all his shares in Revolt Media in LA
  • Rapper 50cent says black community identifying more with Trump after charges
  • Video goes viral of black woman on reasons she will vote for "convicted felon"

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