• AL ban on transgenderism for minors officially in effect, while Judge works on ruling
  • Inmate dies from wounds caused by another inmate attack at Kilby Correctional
  • Day 11 of escaped inmate Casey White on the run with CO Vicky White
  • 2 arrests made re: pain clinics and opioid prescriptions in North Alabama
  • GOP primary candidate for Secretary of State has plan to utilize veterans in elections


  • Pro Abortion Protestors show up at homes of 2 SCOTUS justices over weekend
  • Speaker of the House calls any overturn of Roe v. Wade an insult to women
  • US to join other G7 countries in further ban on importing Russian oil
  • 3 Americans suddenly die at a Bahamas resort, another is hospitalized
  • FL Governor signs bill that gives 1.2 billion dollars in tax cuts to Floridians
  • George Soros gives 1 million to Stacy Abrams second attempt to be GA governor
  • True the Vote about to release names and addresses of ballot trafficking "stash houses"

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