• AG Marshal files legal challenge to Biden's change of Title IX rules on "gender"
  • Sen. Tuberville calls on FDIC chairman to resign after report of misconduct
  • AL Farm Center bill passes committee on Wed. after drama in House on Tuesday
  • AL Judiciary committee kills bill that makes changes to state ethics laws
  • Congressman Moore votes to not table the motion to vacate House speaker
  • Congressman Aderholt laments the name change coming to Boy Scouts


  • US DefSec confirms to Senate that Biden delayed bomb shipment to Israel
  • Trump releases statement on the motion to vacate that occurred in House
  • GA court of Appeals will review case from Trump to disqualify DA Willis
  • Former TX deputy is given $400K for wrongful firing re: Jan 6 attendance
  • Chris Cuomo moves from shaming to naming the efficacy of Ivermectin

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