• Sen. Tuberville praises Farm Act of 2024, Senate Dems plan to debate
  • Sen. Tuberville rails against Joe Biden for causing JSU band cancellation
  • AL Dem Party Chairwoman says GOP are victims and Trump a crybaby
  • Rogersville man sentenced to prison for possession of child porn
  • Shark attacks in FL injure two girls from Mountain Brook
  • Decatur Initiative for skilled workers now accepting applications for college grads


  • Judicial Watch claims transcripts don't match audio of Biden interview w/Hur
  • TX Governor says border now MORE open with Biden's executive order
  • New Poll shows 62% of voters in favor of deportation program for illegals
  • Trump holds boisterous rally in Las Vegas, calls out Biden and border crisis
  • Yale University law professor offers legal strategy to Trump re: NYC charges

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