• Donald Trump endorses Katie Britt in AL senate runoff race
  • Roy Moore endorses Mo Brooks in AL senate runoff race
  • A teen drowns in Lake Logan Martin over the weekend, body recovered in same day
  • Authorities are searching for an escaped inmate from Escambia County facility
  • A young boy is rescued from Cahaba River after getting to shore on wrong side
  • Gas prices go up again over weekend, now over 5 dollars a gallon across the nation


  • SCOTUS has 29 cases to finalize and issue rulings in the next 3 weeks
  • US Senate reaches bipartisan framework for gun legislation
  • Democrats on J6 select committee say they believe Donald Trump should be charged
  • Former US Attorney General Bill Barr says no evidence to do so against Trump
  • NY Times interviews 50 Democrats who don't want Biden to seek re-election
  • A sixth airplane coming from Europe to US with baby formula on board.

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