• ALGOP announces Trump visit will be August 3rd in Montgomery
  • Signs of tornado reported in Eufaula and Abbeville after severe storms
  • SBC convention members approve TX pastor as president for another year
  • SBC rejects appeals from 3 churches that were removed from fellowship
  • Tuscaloosa city council considers ways to alleviate strain of PD in city.
  • Ross Bridge Golf course to open up in October, after greens debacle


  • FBI confidential informant now known in case emerging of Joe Biden bribe
  • AG Garland makes comments on Trump arrest, not a peep about Biden
  • OH senator to block DOJ nominations from proceeding
  • Starbucks to pay white woman $25M for racist firing
  • Data from Pfizer shows 1.6 million adverse reactions in US to Covid vaccine
  • More from Dr. McCullough testifying to PA senate panel about C-vaccines

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