• Barry Moore signs resolution to rescind subpoenaed from House J6 committee
  • Sen. Tuberville writes about the thwarted goals of the CHIPS act
  • Sen. Britt calls for Biden to defend religious freedom for jailed Nicaraguan pastors
  • SoS Allen says Biden is clearly seeking votes from illegal aliens in November
  • Attorneys accused of "judge shopping" object to the report
  • A doctor is recognized in Orange Beach for actions to help victim of shark attack
  • Baseball legend and Alabama native Willie Mays dies at the age of 93


  • NY Post says FCC is helping George Soros fast track purchasing US radio stations
  • US Billionaire seeks to purchase Tik Tok, says social media is destroying society
  • TN Star reports further on Covenant school shooter and psychiatric evaluation
  • More from Charlie Spiering about replacing Joe Biden before November
  • AZ congressman agrees with Elon Musk that electronic voting must go

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