• SoS Wes Allen details efforts to remove illegal alien names from voter rolls
  • AL congresswoman rails against SAVE act calling it anti-democratic
  • AL enters agreement with LA to cross reference voter roll names
  • Sen. Britt not happy with Biden program for unaccompanied alien children
  • AL death row inmate does not want postmortem autopsy after execution
  • Gov. Ivey awards almost $200K to non-profit fighting sex trafficking


  • House resolution is tabled that would hold US AG Garland in contempt
  • US House does pass SAVE act that requires proof of citizenship to vote
  • Actor George Clooney calls on Joe Biden to step aside in OP-ED article
  • Former Obama staffer confirms that Biden was "bad" at Clooney fundraiser
  • Parkinson's expert tells NBC that Joe Biden exhibits all the hallmark signs
  • LA governor vetoes $ to catholic charities for aiding illegal aliens
  • Election official in AZ county charged with theft for taking tabulator key

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