• Secretary of State Merill makes statement on recent primary election controversies
  • ALGOP Chairman Wahl reiterates his desire for closed party primary voting
  • A reward is being offered for info on a fatal shooting back in May in Montgomery
  • 2 Scotsdale women are facing drug charges re: fentanyl, meth and synthetic MJ
  • Police in Bullock Cty. bust a moonshine still with $5,000 a week production
  • Montgomery civil rights lawyer Fred Gray Sr. receives the Medal of Freedom


  • Border wall approved for construction at San Diego/Tijuana Friendship Park
  • Reuters says Biden Admin transporting illegal minors across state lines for abortions
  • MA Senator Liz Warren says Pregnancy crisis centers are hurting women
  • WH communications director says she is stepping down to spend time with family
  • GA Investigators release video footage of vehicle near Guidestone explosion
  • Firefighters are warning of EVs and fire safety issues due to thermal runaway
  • WNBA player Bethany Griner pleads guilty to drugs in Russian court
  • Co-founder of Satanic temple in S. Africa says he has turned to Jesus instead

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