• Ivey joins other GOP governors in letter to CDC regarding Covid 19 policy
  • State lawmaker seeks re-election with plan to revisit school choice legislation
  • Bessemer man sentenced to life in prison for running large drug ring
  • Gas prices dip just below $4 a gallon for first time in 5 months
  • Montgomery Zoo welcomes new two toed sloth from Arkansas


  • SCOTUS agrees to take case challenging Harvard admissions policy with minorities
  • US Attorney General Merrick Garland reveals he approved the raid on Trump's home
  • Trump Spokeswoman explains why he invoked the 5th amendment at deposition
  • Poll shows the raid on Trump's home is disapproved by most Americans
  • Another poll shows that J6 hearings in House not making any impact on Americans
  • Russian aircraft entered defense Identification zone in Alaska 2 times this week
  • Episcopal church passes resolution to promote gender transitions for all ages

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