• Alabama Republican Party executive committee passes resolution on closed primaries
  • Alabama Democratic Party executive committee votes in new Chairman
  • Roy Moore wins an 8 million dollar defamation lawsuit re: 2017 senate race
  • Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission approves proposed regulations
  • Would be robber at Cheaha State Park is shot and killed by victim
  • Governor Ivey releases pic of her greeting Kristi Noem amidst rumors on her health


  • The 1918 Espionage Act is invoked by FBI to justify their raid of Donald Trump's home
  • The "Inflation Reduction Act" is passed in US House with zero Republicans in favor
  • Five members of Congress are currently in Taiwan following Pelosi's visit
  • AZ governor issues executive order to fill in gaps of border wall at Yuma
  • FBI forensic report says trigger had to be pulled in Alec Baldwin's movie set shooting

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