• AG Marshall calls for investigation into decision on US Space Command
  • Lt. Governor wants state lawmaker to address book issues in public libraries
  • A girl in S. AL has died after contracting EEE, eastern equine encephalitis
  • Mobile police officer rips into Montgomery mayor for using rap artists
  • Huntsville city Councilman Devyn Keith has bench trial over shoplifting


  • Joe Biden makes multiple mess ups in Maui, during a 5 hour visit
  • House Judiciary inquires more about DOJ interference in Hunter case
  • Larry Elders cries "Foul" over not qualifying for RNC debate this week
  • GA state senator wants commission to impeach Fulton county DA
  • AZ senate President says legal action to come over SoS election procedures
  • Oliver Anthony's "Rich Men" ballad hits number one spot on Billboard chart

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