• 13 state lawsuit gets favorable ruling from Louisiana judge re: oil and gas leasing
  • Daily Detail & 1819's Will Blakeley discuss ESG policy in AL companies
  • AL Board of Education may change High school graduation requirements in state
  • CA man flees his state and laundromat business due to crime, starts over in AL
  • No bond for suspect in I-85 shootings that put one victim in critical condition
  • West AL ten year old bags the largest gator of the hunting season in that region


  • National Archivist's memo confirms: White House knew of FBI raid on Trump's home
  • Trump's lawyers filed motion in federal court to stop FBI from reviewing the documents
  • Washington DC mayor's request for National Guard to handle illegals bussed in, denied
  • Paul Pelosi pleads guilty to DUI in CA but will get only probation, no jail time
  • MI jury finds two men guilty of conspiracy to kidnap governor Gretchen Whitmer

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