• Congressman Barry Moore calling for end of Covid 19 vaccine mandates in military
  • AG's office warns Alabamians of a phone scam here in state
  • Affidavit details on charges against Perry Hooper Jr.'s sexual assault charges
  • Officer within ALEA dies by suicide ahead of sexual assault charges
  • Birmingham City Council lays down speed bumps to stop street racing issues
  • Third and final conversation with Will Blakeley on ESG in AL companies


  • Reaction from both sides on Joe Biden's loan forgiveness announcement
  • National Coalition of Frontline Workers call for end to Covid 19 vaccines mandates
  • Pro-life group says there are now 13 states that are abortion free
  • WI senator calls for Inspector General to investigate FBI over Hunter Biden laptop
  • World Economic Forum article embraces microchipping children and adults

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