• Senator Tuberville blasts Biden for transgender push through Title IX
  • Former UAB student sues officials for response to sexual assault claims
  • Dothan attorney gets second DUI, and black eye from falling on way into jail
  • Baldwin County man survives months long battle with flesh eating bacteria
  • Voice of the Crimson Tide, Eli Gold, won't start the football season due to health


  • 3 states held party primary voting this past Tuesday, 2 sets of female only races.
  • Nancy Pelosi returning from Southeast Asia, her hubs returns to court for DUI plea.
  • CA judge says Visa knowingly profited off of online child pornography
  • Would be assassin of Justice Kavanaugh actually wanted to kill 3 Justices in rampage
  • Poll shows majority of Americans don't trust federal agencies or their agenda

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