• Nikki Haley thinks Tuberville should end hold on military promotions, FWIW
  • Director of Eagle Forum praises Tuberville for his hold on military promotions
  • ACLU files lawsuit against ADPH for new regulations on birthing centers
  • 3 men named as instigators in the Riverwalk brawl caught on video
  • Lindsey Shiver released on bond in Bahamas, surrenders passport
  • Trial is underway in Opelika for man who shot and killed Officer Buechner
  • Trees at Toomer's corner are ready to be rolled as part of Auburn tradition


  • 5th circuit court blocks Biden admin. second plan on student loan debts
  • Colorado federal judge blocks state law that limits sales on guns
  • MI police report on voter fraud in 2020 reveals media/officials cover up
  • Former FBI agent pleads guilty to working with Russian oligarch

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