• Governor Ivey announces 3 highway projects in Jefferson county
  • Grocery sales tax will be 1% less on receipts in AL, starting today
  • Mayor of Orange Beach says State leadership to blame for high bridge toll
  • 200 Dale County residents attend library board meeting over books
  • AL Library Association calls moving books out of section - censorship
  • Narcan to be available over the counter starting next week


  • Hurricane Idalia heads into Atlantic, leaves flood damage in 4 states
  • Numbers grow in Maui of those killed in devastating fires
  • Donald Trump enters not guilty plea in Fulton County
  • Black man also charged with Trump, released from jail, now talking
  • City of Uvalde sues DA for review of police response to school shooting
  • ACLU sues state of Indiana for not providing transgender surgery to inmate

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