• State senator Arthur Orr talks potential tax cuts in legislative session
  • UAB received its largest donation of $10 million dollars from Crimestoppers
  • A Limestone City judge orders a mistrial in the case against Mason Sisk
  • Mobile police arrest a 17 year old male re: fentanyl death of teen girl
  • Woman files multi million dollar lawsuit re: coffee at Dothan MacDonalds
  • The city of Enterprise and Boll Weevil featured on CBS weekend edition


  • Joe Biden says Covid 19 is over in interview with CBS 60 Minutes
  • Missouri senator takes on fentanyl deaths v. monkeypox with CDC director
  • Former CDC director talks Wuhan lab, Fauci, and Covid 19 conspiracy
  • 5th circuit court rules in favor TX censorship lawsuit against social media
  • Virginia University to pay 1 million in settlement for hazing death of man
  • Canada's Prime Minister sings in public night before Queen E's burial

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