• Trump praises Tuberville for getting votes on military promotions
  • Barry Moore was one of many GOP grilling AG Merick Garland this week
  • Student files lawsuit against U of A for hazing tactics at SAE house
  • ADOC commissioner won't reveal details on inmate breach in August
  • Third and final part of discussion with Dr. Krishnan Chittur on climate change


  • Joe Biden pledges more $$ to Ukraine during WH visit from Zelensky
  • Matt Gaetz weighs in on current conditions in House with spending bills
  • Judiciary committee subpoenas FBI agent for colluding with tech company
  • Kari Lake's election challenge in AZ has time in court on Thursday
  • Lancet report confirms that mRNA does transfer from nursing mom to baby
  • German member of European Parliament has strong words for Globalists

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