• DOJ blocks Alabama's AG from further discovery into Admiral "Rachel" Levine
  • State law to cut down gang activity is now in effect within Alabama
  • CEO of RSA comes out against Education Savings Accounts, calls it extreme
  • Youth residential facility in Tuskegee sued for treatment of teen
  • Gas prices to go up on October 1st, as part of Rebuild Alabama Act of 2019
  • Jimmy Buffet made anonymous donation to Battleship Park before death


  • Biden's visit FL following Hurricane, Jill Biden now positive for Covid 19
  • Labor statistics show big drop in jobs for citizens, increase in foreign workers
  • Journalist Nick Sorter on ground in Maui re: federal response and restrictions
  • Elon Musk to sue ADL for accusation that Twitter promotes ant-semitism
  • Peruvian study shows Ivermectin dropped Covid fatalities by 74%
  • South Korean study shows N95 masks have unsafe compounds for users

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