• Congressman Moore says poll data shows Trump winning bigly in 2024
  • The RSA CEO who criticized school choice in AL, sent all 3 kids to private school
  • Austal USA is awarded a 91 million dollar contract with the US Navy
  • Major league fishing events for 2024 scheduled to be in Alabama lakes
  • 3 head coaches at Auburn announce a night of praise & worship for students


  • Biden admin cancels 7 remaining oil/gas leases in Alaskan wildlife refuge
  • House subcommittee say docs show NIH using China's WeChat app for work
  • Donald Trump reserves right to seek to move GA case into federal court
  • Michigan clerks reveal more voter registration chaos/fraud on Facebook page
  • NYC Mayor says illegal migrants coming in are going to destroy the city
  • NYC teacher wins legal battle for getting fired from job for refusing C19 jab
  • Hawaii's Tulsi Gabbard says Maui residents want to change name to "Ukraine"

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